"I know it’s wrong, but why can’t I stop?"

To Kill a Lion book cover

This is a common cry throughout our culture from Christian men who are seeking to find freedom from the nagging grip of sexual lust. In To Kill a Lion, Bruce Lengeman takes men beyond behavior modification and answers the question, “but what’s driving the drive?” Some approaches to sexual purity adequately tell men, “It’s bad! Don’t do it!” but don’t give men real solutions. To Kill a Lion is about destroying sexual roots. It is about who a man is, not just what he does.

To Kill a Lion Podcast

Bruce and Ruthie Lengeman

About Bruce and Ruthie

Bruce and Ruthie Lengeman have been in Christian ministry since they got married in 1976. They have been active teaching a variety of life-building seminars and classes, including marriage conferences, inner healing conferences, leadership courses, and more.

Bruce’s recent emphasis is challenging men to be all they can be and to walk in sexual wholeness. He was a professional counselor for several years and pastored in a variety of ways in several churches. Most recently, he was the Pastor of ACTS Covenant Fellowship in Lancaster, PA, where he and Ruthie now serve as the Senior Leader Couple. He has since been released from full-time pastoring to develop his teaching and training focus.

Ruthie assists Bruce in his teaching and mentoring ministry and loves challenging and mentoring women. Bruce and Ruthie have nine children and eleven grandchildren.

"To Kill a Lion" Is Quick and Impactful Read
I read your book in about three days. My understanding of the whole subject was broadened by it and how my sexuality affects me. I am somewhere near the beginning of my journey in this, but I definitely believe that it is a good start. Looking forward to what God will continue to show me.
Teaching is Pure and Transformative
The first thing I want to say is - THANK YOU! Your purity teaching, Bruce, was transforming for my husband. We had received some help along the way and some things had changed, but something was different this time around. He was FREE. He was out of the cage--never to return! He has walked freely since then. It was such a gift to me as his wife. I see him wrestling with what God is saying about Him instead of what the wounds have said to him for too long. I see him walking in a new confidence. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Spouse of Reader
"To Kill a Lion" Is 100% Truth
I told you I would contact you about your book to let you know how it is working for me and I just wanted to let you know I have discovered healing in the process of addressing my pain and talking to my parents. I am not finished with the book but I have already begun to assess and practice some of the main points in the book and can stand as a witness that your words are 100% truth, and I have no greater desire than to please God, honor my wife's heart, my child's heart, and reject Satan in the name of Jesus Christ. Not only has this book helped me to change my sexual immoral ways and address them but it has allowed me a renewed life in Christ and a huge improvement in my marriage.
"To Kill a Lion" Reveals and Frees from Addictions
Even though I felt I had gotten victory over pornography, I was still having lustful thoughts. One day I was in a two-hour traffic jam on I-77, so I picked up To Kill a Lion, which I had just purchased, and started reading it. I got to the part where Bruce talks about asking God to reveal sexual sins that opened doors to sexual strongholds. Right there in the car I ask the Lord to reveal these sins to me. The Spirit of the Living God entered the car and showed me things that happened at home when I was three and four years old all the way to my present age of 36. I began writing these things down as the Lord revealed them, and till I was done I had filled every line on a full-sized notebook page. When I got home later that evening I knew something was different. I no longer had the lustful thoughts. By the grace of God I was able to close doors to the lust and sexual sins of my life. Thank you Bruce for being a mighty tool in the hands of our Abba Father God!
"To Kill a Lion" Is Straight to the Point on Sexual Addictions
Wow, what an anointed book my brother! This is the best and most straight to the point book on addictions, especially sexual, that I’ve read, You hit the enemy where it didn’t cripple but killed, you hit it right on, the lion can be killed! Your fresh approach is so honest and insightful to those of us who are regularly ministering to men with bad roots. Your transparency releases my faith personally and for every guy who reads the book.
"To Kill a Lion" Teaches Lasting Healing
Hallelujah! Finally a book that really teaches about lasting healing! This belongs in the hands of all pastors and Christian counselors, as this should be the "go to" handbook for helping those in sexual bondage. Bruce ignores traditional behavioral modification and teaches the reader how to get right to the root issue. This root holds the core belief that manifests itself in unhealthy sexual behaviors. Once this root is uncovered, Bruce teaches the eight "R's" of how to destroy this root and heal the wound. This, of course, can only be done with our Healer & Redeemer, Jesus Christ.
Counseling Therapist
"To Kill a Lion" Had Huge Impact
The book had a large impact on me. I am deeply appreciative of your humble attitude and very powerful ministry. In all of my years of counseling I have never met or read of anyone with the revelation that you have concerning unresolved pain and its relation to sexual behavior.
Bible College President
"To Kill a Lion" Frees from Bondage
I am eternally grateful to our Lord for how powerfully He used Brother Bruce and this unique ministry in my life. Through Bruce's quiet confidence and gentle grace, I was able to navigate through the darkness of bondage to sexual sin. The heart of his message to me was that my battles would never be overcome without Jesus working in me through the fellowship and prayers of other men. The real breaking point though was when I included my wife in the secret war I was waging and the JESUS in her reaffirmed real love and acceptance for me. Now we are no longer prey to Satan's isolation tactics.
Ministry Administrator
"To Kill a Lion" Changes Lives
I’ve been giving the book away or encouraging others to buy it for months. Several weeks ago one of my spiritual sons brought me his marked up copy and with a plea that I help him pray through the 8 R’s, within a week his estranged mother came miraculously back into his life for a visit and he found the anger was gone, forgiveness had truly happened and his sexual struggle had changed.